Adding and removing text underline

If you are having trouble adding or removing text underline using the portal editor this can be fixed using the Source Code Editor.

This issue usually happens when adding a link as it automatically adds underline and sometimes it’s hard to remove. This is because the text-decoration is added to a span that wraps around the linked text and it also adds it to the <a></a> but unfortunately when the underline is removed it’s only the span that gets deleted an the style on the <a></a> sticks.

If you do not want the text underlined you need to search for text-decoration:underline; in the Source Code and change it to text-decoration: none; in the <span></span> and/or <a></a> wrapping around the text that is underlined/linked.

Image 23

If there is no sign of text-decoration:underline; anywhere but the text is becoming underlined when you hover over it then you need to either find style=”” within the <a></a> and put text-decoration:none; inside it OR if there is no style=”” then you need to add style=”text-decoration:none;” into <a> so it looks like <a style=”text-decoration:none;”



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